Great book coming out on 31 July 2012 -called “From Me to Me”, Letters to my 16 1/2-year-old-self

If you could send a letter to yourself aged 16 1/2, what would you say in it?

From Me To Me: Letters to my 161/2-year-old-self is a collection of just such letters written by some of South Africa’s best-loved and ordinary personalities to their younger selves and published with photographs of them as teenagers.

From Me To Me
is for the teenager wondering what life is all about, someone looking back on their youth, or seeking unpretentious wisdom.

The book is compiled and edited by Samantha Page.
Samantha Page is currently the editor of O, The Oprah Magazine, and it is under her leadership that the magazinecelebrated its 10th anniversary in April 2012.

Excerpts from some of the letters:Make sure you have fun, no matter what you do. And, regardless of what your friends may tell you, hard work can be fun, too. – Alan Knott-Craig

You are still mourning the untimely passing of your mother and brother. You curse God and wonder why such unrelenting calamity has befallen you. – Bob Mabena

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