Hotstix Mabuse on Xmas 2011

How will you be spending Christmas? With my family and the kids.

Where are you going for the holidays? I will be at home with the family.

How does your childhood Christmas differ from Christmas today? I grew up in a very humble home so we celebrated with just the basics and had good family and friends around. We still celebrate with family and friends but I am very mindful of the meaning and essence of Christmas.

Are there any Christmas experiences that stand out in your memory? Yes. Will never forget the first Christmases with my daughters and to see the smile on a baby’s face. They know it is something special but can only articulate it through smiles and laughter.

What would be on your Christmas wish list if you could receive any present at any price? I am not a flashy guy but I would love more knowledge and somehow the ability to solve people’s problems. These are priceless.

What’s the best present you have ever received (and why)? No one present is ever better than the next and the gift of giving is more important. Even a simple SMS from people overseas means a lot.

What’s the worst present you ever received (and why)? Not hearing from friends who you think will call and don’t.

Who is the hardest person to shop for (and why)? My children!

A present you can never get enough of? E.g. chocolate, flowers etc. Books – I love them, especially biographies pertaining to great people on the African continent.

Is it the thought that counts or the gift that matters? Definitely the thought, but I do like to spoil my loved ones.

Do you have any ideas for DIY gifts (and have you ever received or made a gift)? The gift of music is my DIY gift and I made my own cards when I was a youngster! LOL!

What song do you want to usher in the New Year with? I think this year I will stick to the traditional Auld Lang Syne.

What advice/values/lasting impressions of your parents and upbringing do you carry with you and try to pass along to your (grand)child? Always respect your elders and be grateful for what you have. Always surround yourself with good people – family and friends.

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