Tutu, Simmons, Nottage, Mabuse, Maal, and more Speak-Up for Global Conversation

New York, NY. October 9, 2009 – What has some of the world’s strongest black voices speaking out? Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Russell Simmons, actor Dulé Hill, Senegalese musician Baaba Maal, South African musician Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, and Pulitzer-Prize recipient Lynn Nottage have all come together to answer one common question — What does it mean to YOU to be a good, global citizen?

The little question garnering a whole lot of buzz is posed in ProjectExplorer.org’s Good Global Citizen project (http://goodglobalcitizen.ning.com/), where celebs, leaders, artists, and the public can make their voices heard. Via ProjectExplorer.org’s Good Global Citizen series website, people around the world are invited to participate in this global dialogue by contributing video commentary.

In the coming months, ProjectExplorer.org will reveal more notable contributors…including the points-of-view of several highly respected Africans and African-Americans. The program is slated to run through 2010.

To view all of the videos in ProjectExplorer.org’s Good Global Citizen project or to contribute your own video, visit http://goodglobalcitizen.ning.com/

About ProjectExplorer.org
Founded in 2003 by Jenny M Buccos, ProjectExplorer.org is a NYC-based nonprofit organization that has produced over 160 free films aimed at fostering the next generation of global citizens. The award-winning series is used in over 40 countries, by nearly 1 million people. Kids in London, Los Angeles, Lusaka, and everywhere in between, have logged on to become more globally aware. ProjectExplorer.org’s virtual fieldtrips explore local food, music, art, culture, cuisine, language, and more.

All videos from the Good Global Citizen Project are available to embed on news websites.

For more information on the ProjectExplorer series: http://www.projectexplorer.org


420 West 42nd Street, ste. 17F
New York, NY 10036
T: +1 917 375 0601
F: +1 917 591 6760

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