Sipho Mabuse Top 5 for Femina magazine October 2009

Wow, what a task! Only five songs?!

Well let’s see what I feel are essential tracks and why…

Solomon Linde’s “Mbube” – This is an absolute classic song as it defines and sums up beautifully in song just what South African music is.

Juluka’s “Scatterings of Africa” – This wonderful song profiles the continent as the cradle of mankind. Johnny Clegg is a living legend and this track is a shining example of just why that is.

Bright Blue’s “Weeping” – This is very emotional and spiritual song that gave us all hope during the dark days of apartheid.

Basil Coetzee’s “Mannenberg” – There is no better example of what a true township song is than this gem.

Thandiswa Mazwai’s “Nizalwa Ngobani” – In highlighting the identity crisis of the lost generation of young South Africans, not only is this song beautiful to hear, but even more importantly it helps the listener understand and respect the realities of a country undergoing immense change – powerful stuff indeed.

pic sipho
Sipho Mabuse

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