Mpho Skeef (daughter of Sipho Mabuse) signs with Parlophone

UK based South African singer, songwriter and producer Mpho Skeef, whose expertise in electronica is legendary, has signed a five-album deal with top British record label Parlophone (former label for the Beatles). She is set to release her eagerly anticipated debut solo album under two major UK labels; Wall of Sounds and Parlophone, on the 13th of July this year.

Mpho Skeef is the daughter of iconic local muso Sipho Mabuse. She was born in apartheid South Africa and raised in South London, after her family fled persecution from the apartheid government. Over the years, Mpho has built a respectable name for herself in the UK music industry. She first squeezed herself into the jam-packed scene a decade plus back, doing back-up work for famous UK chart-dominators like Natasha Bedingfield, Ms Dynamite and Coldcut, and other recognizable forces like Terri Walker, Skinnyman, Rodney P and Spacek.

Between 2003 and 2004, she worked with broken beat supergroup; Bugz In the Attic, on the production of their critically acclaimed disk “Got The Bug”. She was the voice behind the famous hit “Booty La La”, which was then voted record of the year 2004 by listeners of BBC Radio 1’s Giles Petersons WorldWide show,

After releasing several mix tapes and a string of solo tracks through Wall of Sound, Skeef pricked the ears of Parlophone management, who then negotiated for her to immediately come on board. At present, Parlophone’s success can be reflected through Lily Allen, Coldplay and Kylie.

Announcing the deal early this year, the label vowed to provide Mpho with a much needed marketing strategy.

“I am excited that Mpho will finally be heard by the masses.” said Parlophone’s Jade Richardson.

Although she has previously made a mark on a variety of musical styles like, neo-soul, break beat and R n’ B, she believes Pop allows her to express herself much better. Her solo work is purely pop and has been titled ‘Pop Art’.

Mpho believes she is now ready to tap into the lucrative UK market with a bang. This month she is set to launch her debut tour that will see her and her two piece electro band touring parts of UK, readying the commercial release of ‘Pop Art’

Although ‘Pop Art’ is still in the pipeline, it has already lured rave previews from a spectrum of recognizable UK media. Popular UK based DJ Beware has also done a teaser of the album.It can be downloaded here.

With her undeniable talent and the right labels backing her up, Mpho Skeef is set to draw multiple accolades from many parts of the world, not only glorifying her musical ability but South Africa’s image as well.

Sipho Mabuse and Family (Mpho on the left)

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